What is the function of the green tea extract powder
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What is the function of the green tea extract powder

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 Green tea extract is the main extraction component of common green tea in my country. It is rich in nutrients, rich in tea polyphenols, catechins, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. Because it contains more hydroxyl groups, it has a good antioxidant effect. Free radicals are biochemical products produced by the human body during its own metabolism and life activities. Excess free radicals can cause the human body to produce a variety of diseases, which can be manifested as skin relaxation and aging. Green tea extract has a good ability to scavenge DPPH free radicals, hydroxyl free radicals and superoxide anions. Green tea extract has a good antioxidant effect in cosmetics. It can combine with free radicals in the body to transform into inert substances, prevent free radical reactions in the body, and have a good therapeutic effect on skin aging. It is a natural extract and is safe High performance, can be widely used in the preparation of cosmetics

Green tea extract contains a compound tea polyphenol that has a much higher content than other plants. Tea polyphenols are the general term for polyphenols in tea. Tea polyphenols are off-white powdery solids or crystals with astringent taste. Easily soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in grease, slightly moisture-absorbing, and can be oxidized into a brown product in humid air. The content of polyphenols in green tea is relatively high, accounting for 20%~30% of the dry weight of tea leaves.

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Its main components are catechins, flavonoids and flavonols, anthocyanins, phenolic acid and depsilic acid. Flavanols, mainly catechins, account for 60-80% of the total tea polyphenols. .

After a large number of basic research and clinical applications in the medical community at home and abroad, it has been determined that tea polyphenols, as the main physiologically active substances in tea, have the following effects: lowering blood sugar, curing diabetes, lowering blood lipids, anti-cardiovascular diseases, anti-cancer, anti-mutation, Anti-virus, anti-allergic, anti-radiation, deodorization and detoxification, etc. Tea polyphenols have excellent antioxidant properties and remarkable ability to scavenge free radicals. The antioxidant effect of tea polyphenols is due to the proton-providing activity of the phenolic hydroxyl groups on the B and C rings of catechins, which have a relatively strong reducing ability. When the unsaturated fatty acids in animal and vegetable oils produce free radicals during auto-oxidation, the hydrogen donors on the hydroxyl groups can capture them and make them even

The lock reaction is interrupted or delayed, thereby preventing the rancidity and deterioration of the oil and achieving the purpose of anti-oxidation of the oil. Its scavenging rate of active free radicals is over 96%, and it is an ideal natural substitute for BHT and BHA. Fried food generally contains about 20% of fat. After high temperature frying, it is easily oxidized and deteriorated. Adding tea polyphenols can extend its shelf life by 1 to 2 times. With the continuous in-depth research on this characteristic, tea polyphenols are used in health care, food.

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