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Turmeric extract has the properties

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Turmeric extract is an ingredient obtained from the underground stem of some green plants in the Zingiberaceae and Araceae. Turmeric extract has the following properties:

1. Efficacy of lowering blood lipid

Curcumin has the effect of reducing total blood cholesterol, β-protein, triglyceride and hepatobiliary sterols, and correcting the imbalance between α-protein and β-protein, but has no effect on endogenous cholesterol. Studies have shown that curcumin inhibits oleic acid production.

2. Anti-infection effectcurcuma longa root extract Free Sample- MING CHEMICAL

Curcumin can resist the swelling of the toes of rats caused by carrageenan, and there is a sense of dose-dependence in the category of 30Mg/kg, while the dose-dependence in the category of 60Mg/kg can inhibit these anti-infection effects. Curcumin reversion inhibits tobacco tar, acetylcholine, 5-5-hydroxytryptopine, barium chloride, and nitrosamines caused by paraffin section of guinea pig ileum, similar to nonsteroidal analgesics.

3, anti-microbial effect

In vitro test, curcumin had inhibitory effect on microgram-negative bacilli at one percent concentration value.

4. Influence on endocrine system

Intravenous administration of curcumin had no significant effect on blood pressure, nor did it affect the blood pressure caused by adrenal hormones, nitrosamines and acetylcholine. Intragastric administration of curcumin can resist the S-T and T-wave changes in electrocardiogram of rats caused by intravenous injection of pituitrin, and can also increase the blood volume of rats with cardiac nutritional deficiency.

5, choleric effect

Curcumin has a beneficial effect on bile. It can enhance the conversion and metabolism of bile fluid, and promote the folding of bile bile. Curcumin has the strongest effect.

6, light effect with effect

Curcumin has poor antibacterial ability under normal conditions, but when it is given direct light, the amount of curcumin in mg shows a strong reflection of phototoxicity and side effects. Therefore, curcumin may be used as a photosensitizer in the phototherapy of psoriasis, cancer, bacteria and viral diseases. Curcumin also has a stabilizing effect on photooxygen-catalyzed drugs. For example, the smooth effect of nitrophenylpyridine is very strong, so that the half-life of its drug is increased by 6 times, which can improve its effect.

7. Anti-tumor effect

Turmeric extract can inhibit the growth and development of tumor cells. At 0.4mg/ mL, the growth of uterine and ovary cells in small hamsters in China should be inhibited, and it has cytotoxic effect on reticulocytes and Dalton's reticulocytes, and can reduce the growth and development of tumor in small animals. The specific component is mainly curcumin. Therefore, curcumin may be used as an anticancer agent.

8. Other functions

It can be used as a natural high quality food preservative to improve the specificity of antioxidant enzymes. In addition, curcumin can enhance the swallowing power of the reticular system and adjust the immune function of the body. Turmeric extract is derived from Curcuma longa L of the Zingiberaceae plant. The dry rhizome of. Contains volatile oil, the main components in the oil are curcumin, aromatic curcumin, gingerene, etc. The yellow substance is curcumin, including demethoxycurcumin, dimethoxycurcumin, dihydrocurcumin and so on. 

Turmeric is the main ingredient of curry. It has a light, spicy flavor with hints of pepper, musk, sweet orange and ginger. Turmeric has a very high health care function in the list of medicine and food homology published by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Antioxidation function. Ultraviolet ray is the prime culprit of skin aging, can produce free radical, the elastic protein that makes the skin, collagen is damaged, the skin is flabby, keep water quality to drop, lacklustre, easy to produce wrinkle. Turmeric has strong antioxidant function, eliminating free radicals, and is "oral skin care product". Its oxidation power is 1.6 times that of VE, 2.33 times that of flavonoids, and 2.75 times that of VC.

2, capture free radicals, reduce the threat of disease. Free radicals are a major cause of many chronic diseases and cancers. It is also the root of human aging. Free radicals can damage normal cells and make the body sick. And turmeric can capture these free radicals, indirect prevention of various cancers, is a "natural anti-cancer agent."

3, on the gastrointestinal health effect, can slow down the symptoms of chronic gastric ulcer. The digestive tract is corroded by gastric acid, causing mucosa damage and erosion. Curcumin stimulates mucin secretion in gastric mucosa, protects gastric mucosa and improves symptoms.

4. Lower your cholesterol. Turmeric in the reduction of total cholesterol content at the same time, can increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, the improvement of hyperlipidemia is effective.

5, turmeric also enhances the body's defense function, anti-inflammatory, and neutralizes the toxin that enters the body.

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