The medical principle of Monk Fruit
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The medical principle of Monk Fruit

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Moisten the lungs and relieve cough

  Momordica grosvenori (Mogroside) (purity> 98%) 80mg/kg, 160mg/kg, 320mg/kg gavage, have antitussive effect on cough-induced mice with ammonia spray, when the dose is 160mg/kg and 320mg/kg When, it showed obvious antitussive effect and was dose-dependent. Mogroside (purity 50%) 4.0g/kg and 8.0g/kg have a significant effect on reducing the number of coughs induced by concentrated ammonia in mice, and 8.0g/kg has a significant effect on the incubation period of SO2 induced cough in mice Prolonged effect. Mogrosides (total glycosides> 80%) 0.2g/kg, 0.4g/kg, 0.8g/kg doses can significantly reduce mice coughing induced by ammonia water, but the incubation period of cough induced by ammonia water is not significant influences.

Monk Fruit Molecular Structure

Does not affect blood sugar

  Mogroside V is a safe sweetener that does not affect blood sugar levels in normal people. Mogrosides (total glycosides> 80%) 0.1g/kg, 0.2g/kg, 0.4g/kg doses for diabetic mouse models neither lowered nor increased the increased blood sugar level of diabetic mice; high dose (0.4g/kg) Mogroside did not significantly increase the blood glucose level of normal mice. One-time oral administration of 30% mogroside 200mg/kg has no obvious effect on the blood sugar content and liver enzyme activity of healthy adults. Mogrosides were administered at 150mg/kg and 300mg/kg. Although the water and blood sugar levels of mice did not return to normal, they were significantly reduced compared with type I diabetic mice modeled by alloxan.

Prevent dental caries

  The erythritol contained in Luo Han Guo Tian has an anti-caries effect and is not used by Streptococcus mutans in the human oral cavity. Streptococcus mutans is an acid-producing bacteria. It produces acidic substances when it interacts with carbohydrates in food ingredients, especially foods rich in sucrose. The bacteria can use these sugars to accelerate reproduction and produce a large amount of acidic substances (glucose in the mouth for 8 hours, The oral pH will drop to 5). Acidic substances react with tooth enamel to decalcify and soften the surface of the tooth. Cavities appear and cause dental caries. However, since erythritol is not decomposed into acidic substances by these microorganisms, it also has an inhibitory effect on oral pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, it can play a role in protecting teeth and has anti-caries properties.


  Mogroside (Mogroside) (purity> 98%) 100mg/kg, 200mg/kg gavage can significantly increase the excretion of phenol red in the trachea of mice, and it is dose-dependent; mogroside at 20mg/ml After the concentration is added to the frog's esophagus for 0.5h, the movement of its cilia cells can be significantly enhanced. Mogroside (50% purity) 8.0g/kg dose significantly increased the excretion of phenol red in the trachea of mice, and also significantly increased the excretion of rat sputum (capillary tube method). Mogrosides (total glycosides> 80%) 0.2g/kg, 0.4g/kg, 0.8g/kg gavage, 0.4g/kg, 0.8g/kg doses significantly increase the amount of rat tracheal secretions, that is, it is obvious The expectorant effect.

Scavenging free radicals & antioxidant

  Mogroside extract (Mogrosides) (total glycosides ≥98%, content of Mogroside V is 65.20%) has a certain scavenging effect on hydroxyl free radicals and superoxide anion free radicals, and is accompanied by mogroside extracts With the increase of the concentration, the scavenging effect is gradually enhanced, showing a certain dose-effect relationship; Mogroside extract has a significant inhibitory effect on the oxidative hemolysis reaction during the in vitro incubation of rat RBC. Within the range of 0.04 to 1.15mg/ml, the mogroside The inhibitory rate of mogroside extract on red blood cell auto-oxidative hemolysis is more than 50%. Mogroside extract has a good protective effect on RBC auto-oxidative hemolysis; mogroside extract has no protective effect on RBC auto-oxidative hemolysis Dose-response relationship, the intermediate dose of 0.46mg/ml is better, and the inhibition rate is 85.55%; malondialdehyde (MDA) is the final product of lipid peroxidation, which can be used to evaluate the strength of lipid peroxidation. Mogroside extract has a strong inhibitory effect on the production of MDA during auto-oxidative hemolysis of rat red blood cells; Mogroside extract has a good inhibitory effect on the spontaneous production of MDA in rat liver homogenate. The inhibitory effect is best at a concentration of 0.875mg/ml, reaching 23.63%; Mogroside extract can inhibit lipid peroxidation in rat liver tissue, and has a protective effect on liver tissue peroxidation damage induced by Fe and H2O2. Reduce the occurrence of red blood cell hemolysis; Mogroside can significantly inhibit the production of liver mitochondrial MDA, and its inhibition rate increases with the increase of concentration.


Boost immunity

  Momordica grosvenori (Mogroside) gives normal and cyclophosphamide (CTX) to inhibit mice by gavage, which has no obvious effect on the immune function of normal mice, but can significantly improve the phagocytic function of macrophages and T cells in CTX immunosuppressed mice The proliferative effect. It shows that mogroside has a certain positive regulatory effect on the cellular immune function of CTX immunosuppressed mice.


  With DMBA as the initiator and TPA as the carcinogen, the second-stage carcinogenicity experiment of mouse skin was carried out; mogroside has the same or stronger effect of delaying carcinogenesis than stevioside, showing its anti-cancer effect. Therefore, mogroside can be used as an anti-cancer agent.

  In summary, the extraction and purification technology of mogrosides (Mogrosides) has gradually matured, which has a scientific guiding role in further developing mogroside resources and promoting the industrial production of high-quality mogrosides. Luo Han Guo Tian is non-toxic and safe; it has high sweetness; good thermal stability; it is a safe and healthy sweetener that does not affect the blood sugar content of normal people. It has a broad market prospect as a new type of sweetener.

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