The efficacy of elderberry
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The efficacy of elderberry

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Elderberry is born on hillsides, shrubs, ditch, roadside, house and other places at an altitude of 540-1600 meters. It can be used for medical purposes, and has a good effect on symptoms such as low back pain, edema, wind itching, addictive rash, postpartum hemorrhage, bruises, swelling and pain. So, what are the effects and functions of elderberry?

1. The efficacy and role of elderberryelderberry extract for flu for sale- MING CHEMICAL

Elderberry has the effects of expelling wind, dampness, invigorating blood, and relieving pain. It can treat rheumatic muscle pain, low back pain, edema, wind itching, addictive rash, postpartum hemorrhage, bruises, swelling and pain, fractures, traumatic bleeding and other symptoms.

"A Thousand Golden Wing Recipes": Treat blood from wounds and maternal malignant blood, if all blood is not working or not stopping, take it with juice.

"Modern Practical Chinese Medicine": It is an analgesic. Cure hand and foot partial wind and rheumatism, low back pain, pain between bones, cold pain in limbs, swollen feet. It is also used as bath soup for bone pain, rubella, and sweat rash.

"Tang Materia Medica": Mainly broken wounds, continued muscles and bones, in addition to wind itching, dental caries. Can be a bath soup.

"Pharmaceutical Collection Book": Detoxify with blood, wash away all scabies, ghosts and arrows.

2. How to eat elderberry

Oral administration: decoction, 3 to 5 yuan; or into pills or powder.

External use: pound compress or decoction to fumigate.

3. The medicinal value of elderberry

The elderberry decoction was given 20 grams (crude medicine)/kg by gavage, which has analgesic effect on mice (hot plate method). The intensity of the action is inferior to morphine and superior to Analgin. The mice were in a quiet state after taking the medicine. The water or alcohol extract of elderberry of the same genus has a diuretic effect on 

4. The precautions of elderberry

 It is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Please keep it in a cool and dry place indoors, and avoid children from picking it up.

Elderberry has a very good health care effect on people, can enhance physical fitness and promote physical health. It is very suitable for daily consumption, and the effect of elderberry is very good, which can effectively prevent diseases and improve body immunity

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