Spirulina has the remarkable benefits to our healthy
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Spirulina has the remarkable benefits to our healthy

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General speaking, the benefits of spirulina powder includes weight lose,combating oxidative stress, spirulina with rich source of protein, fighting inflammation, control blood sugar basically lower the blood sugar support liver health, boosting immunity etc.

 Spirulina , a dark blue-green alga that has been touted as one of most potent and protective super food in existence. It is often used as a supplement to the diets of both omnivores and vegans simply because the well-researched and diverse health benefits.Customized spirulina protein powder- MING CHEMICAL

Anti-oxidant Qualities

Spirulina, as with many other deep green vegetables (spinach, ), is a great food for the combating of oxidative stress. Those who regularly partake in sustained, intense exercise (such as those who run long-distance) will produce a huge amount of oxidative stress and free radicals, which are associated with the development of cancer and other negative health effects .

Blood Lipids 

Whilst the scientific evidence is still thin on the ground, there are some preliminary data to suggest that spirulina has a positive effect on blood glucose , primarily due to mild, but significant, improvements in the insulin sensitivity of test subjects 

Liver Health: Fatty Liver and Enzymes

Liver health is incredibly important – the liver is responsible for the development of a variety of the essential nutrients and chemicals that keep the body functioning and facilitate overall health and metabolism. Alcohol, poor diet, smoking, steroid abuse, prescription medicines and a variety of other environmental factors can place our liver at a severe risk – this, in turn, can have very severe implications for health and wellbeing.

Allergy Control

Aside from the increase immunity provided to microbial infection and cell tumors, Spirulina is associated with improvements in the symptoms experienced by those who are prone to allergic reactions to a variety of stimuli . The study focuses on allergic responses through the nose and sinus, but these are very common symptoms across a variety of common allergies (such as hayfever) and can have a large potential benefit, especially with further study.

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