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Yeast Peptone Fp103 Powder

Yeast Peptone Fp103 Powder

Appearance: Light yellow to yellow powder.
Odour: Typical smell of yeast peptone.

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Product Details

Yeast peptone FP103 is obtained by autolysis of primary grown Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is widely used in biotech fermentation and dehydrated culture media industry. Peptone is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable or animal origin protein. Peptone is rich in polypeptides or amino acid etc. Rich in protein, peptide.trace elements.

Sensory Characteristics:

Appearance: Light yellow to yellow powder.

Odor: Typical smell of yeast peptone.

Application of Yeast Peptone FP103 Powder:

Easy to assimilated by microorganisms.

Used alone, or combined with yeast extract.

Large-scale fermentation of laboratory research

Data Sheet :

FP 103



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