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Rice Protein Supplier

Rice Protein Supplier

Name: Rice Protein Powder
Specification:80% 85%
Appearance: white toyellow powder
Meshc: 300/500/600

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Product Details

Rice protein is an ideal plant protein source to meet everything consumers want and more. Our organic protein is here to meet the growing demand for vegan, non-gmo, hypoallergenic and easily deogestible protein.

Our organic rice protein available in 80% - 90% protein levels. Providing all essential amino acids, this product is being used in food grade products as both a replacement for and in conjunction with soy protein and whey protein etc.PROTEÍNA-Shaanxi Ming Chemical Technology.jpg


Name:  Rice Protein Powder

Specification:80% 85%

Appearance: white toyellow powder 

Meshc: 300/500/600

Function of Rice Protein supplier

1. Increases weight loss 

2. Reduces Glycemic Response

3. Improves Liver Function 

4. Regulates Cholesterol

5. Benefits for heart and kidney Health


1. Protein blends

2. super food

3. bakery

4. Energy drink

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