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Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder

Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder

Type: Natural Fruit Powder
Appearance: Dark red powder
Active Ingredient: Vitamin, Microelements
Specification: Freeze drying
Mesh: 60 mesh

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Product Details

What is Freeze Dry Strawberry Powder

 The production process of Freeze-dried products which only has physical change, no chemical change, could keep the original “green” of food without any Antiseptics. It has good rehydration capability, which ensures the unchangeableness of shape, color, smell, and nutrient contents, etc.


Product Name: Strawberry Freeze dry Powder

Other Name: Strawberry Fruit Powder, Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder, Freeze Drying Strawberry Powder, FD Strawberry Powder, Strawberry Freeze Dried Powder.

Type: Natural Fruit Powder

Appearance: Dark red powder

Active Ingredient: Vitamin, Microelementsfreeze dried strawberry Powder.jpg

Specification: Freeze drying

Mesh: 60 mesh

Grade: Food grade

Main Function: Food additive

Main Application: Chocolates

Sample Service: Free sample 30g~50g


freeze dry strawberry.pngStrawberry contains fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, amino acid, and minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Otherwise, it also contains various vitamins, especially Vitamin C, that it has 60mg Vitamin C per 100g strawberry. 



1. Strawberry powder contained vitamin material, with the protection of eyes and liver function;

2. Strawberry powder on gastrointestinal and anemia have some nourishing conditioning effect;

3. Strawberry powder can prevent scurvy addition, the prevention of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease have a good effect;

4. Strawberry powder is rich in tannin content in plants, in vivo absorption and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals, have the anti-cancer effect.


1. Applied in food field, the freeze dried strawberry powder is widely used as functional beverage additive and food additive;

2. Applied in health product field, the strawberry freeze dried powder has owned the function of strengthening the stomach, promoting digestion and preventing postpartum syndrome;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, the freeze drying strawberry powder is frequently used in preventing coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.


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