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Curcumin is a yellow pigment extracted from turmeric rhizomes. The main component is curcumin, which is about 3% to 6% of turmeric. It is a rare pigment with diketones in the plant kingdom and is a diketone compound. Curcumin is orange-yellow crystalline powder with a bit bitter taste. It is insolub



[News] Curcumin powder have rich medical value Curcumin

1. Curcumin (curcumin) in turmeric extract (curcuminoids) is the focus of the discussion here. It is the most medically valuable part, accounting for about 3% -5% of the weight. Although not much, it has very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-oxidant ability, current me



[News] Efficacy and effects of milk thistle extract

Silybin is the highest content component of silymarin. It has pharmacological activities such as scavenging free radicals, anti-lipid peroxidation, protecting liver cell membranes, promoting the synthesis of DNA and structural proteins of damaged liver cells, and anti-fibrosis. Metabolic toxic liver injury and liver cirrhosis have good curative effects. They have been marketed as drugs and are recognized as therapeutic drugs for liver injury in the world. Silymarin (silymarin) is a class of dihydroflavonol compounds, which has the functions of resisting liver poisoning, protecting liver cells, etc., and can be used as a bile excretion agent. It has a good effect on acute and diffuse hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, metabolic toxic liver injury, recurrent pain caused by gallstones and gallstones, and cholangitis and other hepatobiliary diseases.



[News] What is Astaxanthin powder?

Astaxanthin powder is comes from a kind of specifical Microalgae wich called Haematococcus pluvialis.Normally it is with powder form, the comment specification of powder is astaxanthin powder 2%, 3% and 5% with natural base, also someone call them haematococcus pluvialis powder just because it origi

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