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Matcha Powder

  • 100-500mesh
  • 1KG
  • ceremonia grade
  • Green powder
  • green tea leaf
Product Name

Matcha powder

Shelf Life 12 months
Storage method Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
Ingredients White granulated sugar, plant fat powder, tea powder, etc
Product type Convenience foods ,soaking in water,colour modulation

green matcha powder-MING CHEMICAL

What is matcha powder?

The three-in-one matcha powder, which is made of high-quality matcha powder mixed with plant fat powder and white granulated sugar, can be directly drunk with natural color and color, rich and fresh tea fragrance, full tea flavor but not bitter, which is the best choice for major drinks

 Sample Display 

super matcha-MING CHEMICAL

 Functions and Applications 

Matcha powder is suitable for:

Matcha cake, Matcha latte, Matcha pudding.The pure and natural matcha powder can be used for making matcha cookies, matcha lattes, cakes and cookies

premium grade matcha-MING CHEMICAL

Application scenarios:

Milk tea beverage shop, restaurant, bakery, family dinner.

 Why choose us? 

Shade cover:

Twenty days before the harvest, when sheltered for shade, covered green tea is higher in chlorophyll and amino acids and richer in nutrients.


Jade green color:

Picking fresh spring tea leaves, drying and grinding the same day immediately after the steam is finished, the whole process is carried out at low temperature to better retain the nutrition in the tea leaves.


Exquisite and smooth:

The use of professional grinding machine, repeatedly grinding into powder, until gently twist with hand, soft touch, the whole process is completed.Rich in fragrance :Selected quality green tea leaves, strict process, grinding matcha still rich fragrance, just like fresh tea garden wafting the fragrance of green tea.

green matcha powder-MING CHEMICAL (2)

ceremonial matcha tea powder-MING CHEMICAL

roasted matcha-MING CHEMICAL

premium matcha tea factory-MING CHEMICAL

organic matcha-MING CHEMICAL

organic premium matcha-MING CHEMICAL


Shipping Terms
By Express By Air By Sea
Suitable for under 50kg Suitable for more than 50kg Suitable for more than 500kg
Fast:3-7 days Fast:3-7 days Slow:7-45 days
High cost High cost Low cost
Door to door service Port to port service Port to port service
Easy pick up the goods Professional broker needed Professional broker needed

 Customers Feedback 

ceremonial matcha tea powder-MING CHEMICAL


origin of matcha-MING CHEMICAL

Manufacturer qualification is complete, standardized production

Safe!!! Choose it!

Production enterprise business license

product testing report

trademark registration certificate

food production license

commodity traceability bar code certification



1. How to choose the matcha powder well?

A:We can its color, the green color is more green ,the better quaility it have, fineness, the finess is fine, matcha quaility is better,Our matcha powder is so.


2.How is the taste of matcha powder?

Matcha is made from green tea leaves in spring, The taste of matcha itself is slightly bitter,Addition of milk and honey is recommended.


3.Will there be precipitation after put it into water?

Becaus matcha is plant,every plant has a tiny fiber, so precipitation is a normal phenomenon.

4.Does the matcha color is green as we think?

Our matcha is made from green tea leaves covered with shade,The production process is carried out at low temperature,Kept the matcha powder color itself.

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