Introduction of strawberry powder
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Introduction of strawberry powder

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Strawberry powder is selected from domestic pollution-free strawberries as raw materials, using vacuum freeze-drying technology, low-temperature physical crushing technology, and instant crushing.

It maintains the original natural color of various nutrients, health care ingredients and raw materials of strawberry. This product has the taste and smell of pure strawberry

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It is widely used in processing various strawberry flavored foods and adding to various nutritious foods to strengthen its nutrition. It has health effects and gives various foods natural strawberry color and unique strawberry flavor.

Strawberry traits

Strawberry's unique red powder, uniform and fine particles, elegant strawberry aroma, mellow taste.

Production Process

High-quality strawberries — cleansing impurities — sterilization — freeze-drying — low-temperature crushing — strawberry flavoring — flavor trimming — precision screening — bamboo strawberry powder.

Scope of application

a) Baked goods: strawberry bread, cakes, strawberry fillings, jams, moon cakes, biscuits, potato chips, various pastries.

b) Health and leisure food: health products, ice cream, candy, chocolate, lozenges, chewing gum, milk tea, etc.

c) Beverages: yogurt, milk drinks, noodles, flavored soy milk, strawberry solid drinks.

d) Daily chemical and pharmaceutical industry: skin care products, beauty products, cosmetics, tablets, capsules, granules.

Storage conditions: cool, dry, and low temperature storage is better.

Shelf life: 18 months.

The efficacy and role of strawberry powder

Eliminate food and relieve greasiness; eliminate fat and detox; reduce weight and bodybuilding; regulate gastrointestinal and stomach; improve constipation; reduce fatigue; invigorate stomach and relieve diarrhea; sterilize and reduce inflammation; inhibit germs; prevent cancer; anti-aging.

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