Hemp Seed Protein-"High Quality Complete Protein"
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Hemp Seed Protein-"High Quality Complete Protein"

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Industrial hemp is mostly called hemp in China. It is an annual herb in the genus Cannabis family. It has a long cultivation history and is one of the oldest cultivated crops.

Hemp seeds are hemp seeds, commonly known as hemp seeds. Hemp seeds have a long history of eating in China. They were listed as one of the five grains of "hemp, wheat, millet, millet, and beans" in ancient times, among which hemp seeds are hemp seeds. In 2002, the Ministry of Health listed hemp seeds as one of the "list of items that are both food and medicine" in the "Notice on Further Regulating the Management of Health Food Ingredients".

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Hemp seed kernels are rich in nutrients, mainly containing protein and oil, which are 20.49%~37.60% and 28.53%~51.06%, respectively. They also contain 10.77%~38.16% of dietary fiber, as well as vitamins and trace elements required by the human body.

Hemp seed protein

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein, with a protein mass fraction of 20% to 25%. In hemp seed protein, 65% is edestin and 35% is albumin. Among them, hemp globulin contains acidic and basic subunits, is relatively phosphorus-free, easy to digest, and only exists in hemp seeds.

Hemp seed protein is rich in a variety of amino acids, of which all 8 essential amino acids are contained in the human body, and the content is high, reasonable and balanced, which meets the requirements of "high-quality complete protein". In addition, hemp seed protein can supply all the edible amino acids needed by the human body, which fully meets all the needs of the human body to manufacture the main components of plasma (albumin and globulin), and is essential for maintaining human health.

The arginine and histidine contained in hemp seed protein are very important for the growth of children. Among them, arginine can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. Western countries add it to many functional foods. Hemp seed protein also contains methionine and cysteine, which are necessary for synthesizing enzymes and are very important for human skeletal muscle metabolism.

At the same time, hemp seed protein does not contain trypsin inhibitors, which will not cause protein absorption obstacles; it does not contain oligosaccharides in beans, which will not cause bloating and nausea; it does not contain any known allergens, which is suitable Most people eat it. In addition, experiments have shown that hemp seed protein hydrolysate also has anti-oxidant effects.

Application of hemp seed protein

1. Used as a dietary supplement

Hemp seed protein is a high-quality complete protein. On the one hand, develop instant hemp protein powder as a high-protein nutritious food to make breakfast protein powder and infant formula protein powder. On the other hand, hemp protein isolate and protein peptide are made into health products or protein additives, which are added to ice cream, In beverages, cereals and other foods.

2. Increase food protein content

Hemp seed protein can be added to certain foods with low protein content to improve their nutritional structure. For example: adding an appropriate amount of hemp seed protein powder to compressed biscuits, you can obtain hemp seed compressed dry food with reasonable nutritional composition without toxic side effects.

3. Making sports food and beverages

Hemp seed protein is used in conjunction with other animal and plant proteins to make protein-rich sports foods (such as protein energy bars), which can enhance athletes' muscle strength and endurance. At the same time, hemp seed protein peptides added to sports drinks are easy to digest and absorb quickly, which helps to quickly replenish athletes' energy and improve performance.

4. Food nutritional additives

Hemp seed protein can extract hemp antioxidant peptides with good antioxidant effects, which can be used as nutritional fortifiers and additives in food and beverages to replace the antioxidants such as o-tert-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ) in the food field. 

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