Astaxanthin showed extremely strong immunity ability
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Astaxanthin showed extremely strong immunity ability

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  Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae has demonstrated wide-ranging effects on immune system modulation as evidenced in 28 pre-clinical as well as five human clinical trials.

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 Deep research in this area has been an extensive series of trials done at Washington State University under the auspices of renowned immunity researcher Boon Chew. 

 Dr Chew’s investigation found that natural algal astaxanthin consistently demonstrated improvements in a variety of immune markers. This research lasted for over a decade and started in test tubes, progressed to rodents, cats and dogs, and ended with a landmark human clinical trial which corroborated the pre-clinical studies.


  In addition to immune-modulating activity, drastic decreases in DNA damage along with reduction of the key marker for systemic inflammation, c-reactive protein, were also found. This research has been further substantiated in dozens of supporting animal and human studies done at institutions including University of Minnesota’s School of Medicine, University of South Florida, as well as universities in Europe and Japan.

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