Are natural sweeteners less harmful to health
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Are natural sweeteners less harmful to health

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  It is well known that too much sugar in the human body is not good for health, so people are looking for better sweet alternatives. Agave syrup, stevia, aspartame, and honey are all our common sweeteners. People usually think that these natural sweeteners are less harmful to health, but is this really the case?


        1. Stevia

   Stevia contains stevia, which is about 200 times sweeter than sugar, but it is almost zero-calorie food. Stevia has a unique licorice flavor and is known as a 100% natural food, so it is highly sought after by people. But Sarah José, a dietitian, pointed out that only 1% of natural substances contained in stevia sold on the market are chemical compounds, such as maltodextrin, which is abundant in energy drinks.

   2. Honey

   Honey is often added to tea, bread, and yogurt to increase the taste. It is one of the best sweeteners. Honey has a low glycemic index. It not only has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, but also helps improve sleep quality. However, honey is still sugar in nature, and its calories are basically the same as crystal sugar. In addition, honey is rich in fructose. If consumed too much, fructose will accumulate in the liver and be difficult to digest. It will also cause health problems such as insulin resistance, fat accumulation, and high triglycerides. Therefore, we also need to consume honey in moderation.

  3. Syrup

   Maple syrup is not only used in making cakes, but also as a condiment during cooking. In addition to lower glycemic index than other sweeteners, maple syrup also contains a lot of antioxidants and minerals, which can reduce blood vessel inflammation and help the treatment of diabetes.

   Agave syrup has a very low glycemic index. Two spoons of 100% natural agave syrup is equivalent to 100 grams of crystal sugar. It will reduce insulin secretion and prevent hypoglycemia. However, excessive consumption of agave syrup can also lead to obesity.

  4. Aspartame

   Aspartame is about 200 times sweeter than sugar, but its calorie content is very low. However, in recent years, aspartame has been controversial. In 2015, the report issued by the French National Food Safety Agency did not include aspartame as a health-hazardous food, but other research reports showed that aspartame causes obesity. Although some scholars believe that aspartame is carcinogenic, there is no evidence that it is really harmful to health.

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