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Are monk fruit extract sweetener safe to use

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Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo  (Siraitia grosvenorii), is a small round fruit native to southern China. It has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as a cold and digestive aid, and now it is also being used to sweeten foods and beverages. Monk fruit sweeteners are created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice. The fruit extract, or juice, contains zero calories per serving. The most important thing is that the Monk fruit Extract sweeteners are permitted for use in foods and beverages by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  The active compounds that give ripe monk fruit its sweetness are called mogrosides, which consist of a backbone structure called a mogrol with glucose units or glycosides attached to it. So that is whey we use monk fruit extract as kind of natural sweetener. 

Are monk fruit extract sweetener safe to use?

 The answer is absoutly Yes, as we mentioned about the monk fruit sweetener has already approved by the U.S FDA, which means the monk fruit used as sweetener is legally and 100% safe. 

Can people with diabetes consumer monk fruit sweetener ?

  YES. Products containing monk fruit sweeteners provide a sweet taste and are often low or lower in carbohydrates, which is important for people who must monitor their carbohydrate intake. Monk fruit sweeteners do not raise blood sugar levels. The 2018 American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes state that, “The use of nonnutritive sweeteners may have the potential to reduce overall calorie and carbohydrate intake if substituted for caloric (sugar) sweeteners and without compensation by intake of additional calories from other food sources. Nonnutritive sweeteners are generally safe to use within the defined acceptable daily intake levels.” Nonetheless, people with diabetes should talk with a registered dietitian, healthcare professional or a certified diabetes educator for advice on healthy eating to improve blood sugar control.

Please donnot misunderstand us, here we did not say monk fruit extract can treat diabetes anything. 


Do Monk Fruit Sweetener affect blood sugar control?

  Foods and beverages made with low-calorie sweeteners are frequently recommended to people with diabetes as an alternative to sugar-sweetened foods and beverages. Research has shown that monk fruit sweeteners do not raise blood sugar levels in humans (Tey 2017a, Tey 2017b) and a recent consensus statement by experts in nutrition, medicine, physical activity and public health concluded that the use of low-calorie sweeteners in diabetes management may contribute to better glycemic control (Serra-Majem 2018).

  Many medical, nutrition and public health organizations around the world, backed by a large body of evidence, support the consumption of low-calorie sweeteners in people with diabetes. These individuals, or those who are at risk for developing diabetes, should be mindful of food and beverage intake from all sources, including those containing low-calorie sweeteners and sugars. It is important to discuss nutrition with a doctor or registered dietitian and to eat a healthful, balanced diet to keep blood sugar levels under control.

  A few observational studies have demonstrated an association between low-calorie sweetener consumption and risk for type 2 diabetes (Sakurai 2014, Imamura 2015) but these studies are not able to directly link cause and effect and as with the studies on body weight and obesity, they are at risk of confounding. Given that overweight and obese individuals tend to consume more low-calorie sweetened beverages as compared to lean individuals (Bleich 2014), this is a critical omission. It is also important to note that none of these observational studies included monk fruit and therefore, no evidence of an association between monk fruit consumption and type 2 diabetes has been described.

But according to our client from UK, there is no evidence show the monk fruit extract affects the blood sugar level after consume monk fruit extract sweetener.

In where can you consumer the sweet of monk fruit in your daily life. 

  Monk fruit extract can be used in any recipes in daily life, you can sweet your morning coffee, sweet your afternoon tea, even you can add them to your children’s lemonade.

We together, make life better. 



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