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As a plant and herbal extract based company, we devoted ourselves to offer excellent service to our client. Our mission is to supply the most pure, potent nutraceuticals and botanical extracts, sustainably sourced and produced at our manufacturing partner facilities throughout China. With an ongoing commitment to purity, quality and reliability, our goal is to provide customers with everything they need to develop superior quality, successful products. We are also looking for the environmental, and “green” optimum for our products and principals. We are aiming for a natural grow of our organization to be recognized by the market and our customers.

01 All products are traceable, no worries about quality issues.
02 Flexible payment methods.
03 Quickly delivery after the order been placed.
04 Low MOQ, no burden of stock.
05 OEM service with full support for custom's request.
06 Decent and competitive discount available for reorder.





New Produced Maca Extract Ready In Stock

Maca Extract contains several biologically active components, call...



25Kg Spirulina Has Delivered To Korea Successfully

The last day of July 31th of July is a big day for our Shaanxi Min...



Shaanxi Ming Chemical Added D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succi...

D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate - d-alpha tocopheryl succinate i...



Vitamins In WHS CA And NJ Available

Vitamins in WHS CA and NJ available...

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